Green Port initiatives of Cochin Port under Maritime Vision 2030

Cochin Port Trust has taken up a slew of green initiatives under Maritime Vision 2030 that includes aiming for 100% solar electricity powered cranes in future, shore based power supply to all ships/vessels at all the berths. In the first phase, shore based power supply will be provided to Cruise ships visiting Cochin Port. This initiative is being taken up as per the directive of Hon’ble Union Minister of Port, Shipping & Waterways, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal.

A little about Shore based Power supply – While docked at port, ships require power to maintain their lights, heating, cooling, and other essential vessel functions. Typically, this power is provided by running the ship’s diesel-fueled auxiliary engines. Shore power, also known as cold-ironing or alternative marine power, is the process of providing electrical power from the shore to a ship while it’s docked, thereby allowing a ship’s auxiliary engines to be turned off and the burning of diesel fuel to cease. Therefore, shore power is an effective way of reducing air emissions and improving local air quality. Additionally, by providing ship operators with an alternative to running diesel auxiliary engines while docked, shore power technology also reduces ship owners’ fuel costs which increases the competitiveness.

The Port has already installed smart electrical meters and smart street lighting resulting in reduction of electricity consumption. Installing cutting-edge technology that tracks electricity use can assist in lowering costs and can serve as an inching example towards sustainability.

Among the future initiatives, Cochin Port Trust proposes to install additional rooftop solar power plants of 350kWP capacity in next two years and installation of grid connected floating solar panels. They are also encouraging consumers to install solar power plants at their premises while port users have already installed a solar power plant.  The Port has also finalized a strategy and road map for recycling/gainful utilization of dredged materials and utilize the dismantled materials for land filling and land development purposes after necessary processing of the dismantled materials and also encourages planting of trees within the Port area.

The Cochin Port’s eco-innovations should be supported and should also foster healthy competition for sustainable development in the future.